Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Gardens

I just realized I visited the Gardens (the Toronto Botanical and Edwards Gardens) almost exactly a year ago, last July 2nd.  It seems that every time I visit, different things caught my eye.  One likely reason is because the flowers and plants peak at different times in different years.  When I look at last year's photos I noticed that many of the summer flowers in full bloom this time last year are already wilted today.  But the wonderful thing about the Gardens is that no matter when you go, there are always things to capture with your camera.  So here it is, the second edition of "The Gardens".

Love the lavender!

Busy bee in an amazing cactus flower

This is the Spiral Mound which you can walk to the top of supposedly to get a panoramic view of the gardens - but the top is so overgrown you have to take your panoramic picture before you get to the top.  And here's the view before you get to the top...

Fuzzy lamb's ears

Amazing red maples

Random wall in the Floral Courtyard with bamboo 

Even the hostas look great in the wild garden

Awesome ornamental grasses!

 I would love to know if these are corn lilies (and they are not, my  gardener friend told me they are astilbes - thanks!)

Always photogenic

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ravine life in late spring

It's mid-June and we finally had our first decent sunny and warm day - perfect for a ravine walk, which we did instead of going to the gym.  I was determined that this should be an exercise and that it would be a brisk walk so deliberately did not bring my camera with me.  At the back of my mind though, I try never to leave myself without options - what if something exciting comes up during the walk?!   So I had my blackberry with me and when I saw the little snail, I couldn't resist and of course, once I started, I couldn't stop!